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Desmid Dividing!

Desmid Dividing! Continue reading

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Red, White and Grape: From Jumping Genes to Wrapping Leaves for Dolma

Red or White? Even King Tutankhamun (1332-1322 B.C.) prudently stashed away amphorae of both red and white wines to enjoy in the afterlife. Biochemically, a single class of pigments found in grape skin, the anthocyanins, separates the red from white. White … Continue reading

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The Flight of the Hummingbird

The Flight of the Hummingbird Continue reading

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Gene Drives: Green Signal or Back Seat?

Gene Drives: Green Signal or Back Seat? Continue reading

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Falafel Faves and Favism

Start with dry chickpeas. Fresh bought works best (save those fossilized pellets from the back of your pantry for ammunition in case of squirrel invasion). Soak the chickpeas overnight in generous excess of water and they will reward you by becoming pleasingly plump and doubling in quantity. One cup dry chickpeas should be plenty, two will feed a crowd. Continue reading

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Inferring from Infrared

Inferring from Infrared Continue reading

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Pumping up Pumpkin Pie

My postdoctoral advisor, Carolyn Slayman, could strike fear into us by the deceptively mild statement..”Wouldn’t it be nice..?” We all knew what that meant. At least another couple of months of experiments, if we were lucky. Twenty years later, I … Continue reading

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