Something smells!

Did you know that smell receptors are sniffing out cues and signals all over our body, not just in the nose? Watch Jen Pluznick, my lab neighbor at Johns Hopkins University, explain the weird facts about smells in this TEDMED talk. 

Do you have a gut feeling that this could be important? You could be right! Jen has discovered smell receptors in the kidney that appear to be responding to chemicals from gut bacteria that end up regulating blood pressure. Read more on the story here:

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18 Responses to Something smells!

  1. Incredible. It explains when we know there is a creek nearby in the forest without “smelling” it. It might be one of the source of the “natural intelligence” some of us has.

  2. Very interesting!

    And nice to see you back on g+ 😁

  3. Rajini Rao says:

    Hudson Ansley good to see you too!

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Thex Dar Hey there, good to see you too!

  5. mary Zeman says:

    that is so neat! thanks for sharing!

  6. Andy Payne says:

    Not surprising at all. An olfactory receptor is the usual g protein coupled receptor. The problem is biologist name things then people just memorize it in school. This is why I liked engineering, it taught me how to think not just create assumptions like biology courses do. With the exception of the ones I have taken at a masters level.

  7. Andy Payne says:

    Olivier Malinur She said it’s used for communication within the animal and your liver can’t smell your morning coffee so why would you say that?

  8. John Bump says:

    I was just reading another version of this story last night. Very cool research, and what an interesting way to figure out a biochemical pathway!

  9. Rajini Rao says:

    Andy Payne chemoreceptor would be a more accurate name. Biologists also call these ‘orphan receptors’ – it was known that they are in the same family of olfactory receptors, with the assumption that the ligands would be identified at some point.

  10. This sounds more than amazing.

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