Destination: Lítla Dímun This cloud covered muffin top is in the Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark.

Destination: Lítla Dímun This cloud covered muffin top is in the Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark. Population: humans (0), European Storm Petrels (5000 pairs) and Atlantic Puffins (10,000 pairs). There are also herds of sheep that are rounded up each fall and lowered using nets to waiting skiffs below.

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  1. cool! Really cool! No humans allowed 😛 Seems like there’s quite a bit of eccentric life already present here though. It almost looks photoshopped, no?

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    The Wiki link says it is frequently shrouded in clouds. There is one photo on there with differently shaped clouds. But who knows? 🙂

  3. nice yar! gjb ka natural bed h

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Here’s another jpg image of a cloud capped view of the island:

  5. Bob Libra says:

    Oh what a cool view of a localized phenom! Thank you ~

  6. Jim Carver says:

    Not photo manipulated, orographic lifting, Uprising air currents cause the airmass to reach saturation dew point and produce clouds. No magic here, happens all the time.

  7. Rajini Rao says:

    Jim Carver , good to know, thanks. I found this page with two separate views of the island, with and without cloud cover. They are taken by different photographers and the background is different too:

  8. Jim Carver says:

    Rajini Rao Good ones, also see adiabatic lapse rate.

  9. Rajini Rao says:

    Jim Carver So the parcel of saturated air rising from the island will cool at about 0.5 celsius per 100 m, and that causes cloud condensation?

  10. photographer is so lucky

  11. Beautifull Natural back ground

  12. At first, I was going to suggest a “little off of the x side”, then, I remembered, it’s NATURE.

    Hence, naturally UNEQUAL.

    But then, I’m of the thought that the universe IS unbalanced, hence, we’re in a vacuum metastable universe. Therefor, the universe, by nature is unstable, favoring one “side” over another by nature.

    But then, if THAT is true, should one REJECT anything that is NOT “balanced”?

    As CP violation is the norm, I’ll accept the imbalance.

    But then, that is NATURE, not sentient beings, who can compensate for that which nature forces.

  13. Vilmar says:

    Have seen this happen to Mykines (another small island we have here) quite a few times myself.

  14. Rajini Rao says:

    Vilmar Mouritsen , is the Mykines island in the same region, near Denmark? Thanks.

    Post Google Edit: Yes it is 🙂

  15. I’ve witnessed it myself in our rather low mountains of the Pocono variety.

    That doesn’t stop me from thinking of more fundamental effects, whilst KNOWING THIS observation is that of hydrodynamics. 🙂

    It just makes one think of more basic things as well.

    But, the view IS REALLY cool!

  16. Shweta Bhandari , I could turn THAT into a dirty joke in a microsecond! 😉

  17. it could have a human population of 1. Me! 🙂

  18. Feisal Kamil , you dirty “old” man! 😉

    See my above comment.

    Nevermind, you DID! 😉

  19. Shawn Huston says:

    Nature is awsome!!

  20. Arushi sweet says:

    it looks like an icecream……hehehehe

  21. really beautiful place

  22. Viral Patel says:

    awesome..!!! nice pic dude..!!

  23. Abby Cadabby says:

    hhm..,hope its cOOL place! its nice to experience that.

  24. I think that that is a lenticular cloud. They are usually seen over volcanoes. Some places on earth resonate Scaler energy waves stronger than other places, and these clouds form.

  25. That is a nice pic, just beautiful…..

  26. Shawn Huston says:

    Nice call on the cloud classafication.

  27. awsum…………..

  28. one time image….a beauty from cam…..

  29. Stella A says:

    wow, very interesting thx for the info, beautiful.

  30. Ojasvi Swami says:

    is it real…………….????????????

    amazing buddy……… like it very much

  31. Sharon Vos says:

    Great photo thanx

  32. Pawan Singh says:

    Made by Rajini Rao

  33. Ojasvi Swami says:

    is it real….???????

    really very beautiful………

  34. Now I can confidently say that GOD is too creative like us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. It’s a cloud aggregating around a “mountain” so yes, that’s real indeed 😉 Beautiful and I see things like that quite often from my window 🙂

  36. nice yar i want to go here

  37. Graci Novack says:


  38. freaking cool island!

  39. what a view… so nice..

  40. I guess there must be some human habitation………

  41. PRADEEP ES says:

    very……..nice picture …….

  42. wow what a scene man…..

  43. thats a very good thing

  44. Hiru Da says:

    so solitude so is beauty

  45. Amazing that the cloud clings to that Island

  46. Simmy Sharma says:

    Awesome….!! It looks like muffin with toping with lots of cream…the GOD wants to show the beautiful nature that they made for our precious EaRtH…..:p

  47. Monica Dangi says:


  48. Faris Al says:

    This is very interesting!

  49. Ravi Ramloll says:

    You are full of talent

  50. wow………………so nice pic

  51. classic, dream romantic place

  52. Thomas Kang says:

    I believe that was the year when all the Burning Man attendees descended on the Faroe Islands instead and decided to make the world’s largest cotton candy. If I’m not mistaken, this is recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records.

  53. awesome pic man so nice………..!

  54. I wanna go to that Place………..

  55. Wonder why the sheep doesn’t fall over the edge and into the ocean?

  56. Some breeds of sheep are very nimble and surefooted. Great photo!

  57. Amita Wadhwa says:

    soooooo gud !!!!!!!!!

  58. What a pic! Nice to watch! Thanks for the effort

  59. how????……. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

  60. pramod gupta says:

    oh nice/////////////

  61. pramod gupta says:


  62. Johan Horak says:

    Amazing. Need to check on a map to find it.

  63. Donnah Mani says:


  64. Heti Jhaveri says:

    wonderfully captured!!!!! what a beauty!!!

  65. so beautyfull!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. aditya vyas says:


  67. never thought of something like this

  68. amazing……a super natural phenomen…of its kind. dis photo provides eyes saturating glimps of no man land.

  69. Todd Bates says:

    Nature is God’s gift and truly amazing!

  70. it is realy beatiful i cant explain my emotion

  71. Awesome View….!!!

  72. realy beatifull………………….

  73. realy nice wall photos is skay blue water very very beati……………….

  74. preeyanka d says:

    it’s nature secret…

  75. Ar. Rahman says:


  76. Wish I could live there for a moment

  77. Nice post Rajini Rao … 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this muffin with us … ^^

  78. Awais Younas says:

    Nature …….beauty…..nd creation…

  79. Wonder shot !!! Thanks 4 sharing !

  80. nice pic and nice to spend your honey moon

  81. AMIT MHATRE says:

    very nice pic…..

  82. Jimut Roy says:

    Really Amazing..

  83. these are the oroghraphic cloud…..formed due to ascent of air…

  84.’s so beautiful..and amzaing pic…!

  85. might just lives their

  86. amit sekhar says:

    i dnt z it real or smthng editing…bt i can say really its awesome luking…

  87. Great share, nice picture.

  88. Ehsan Ejx says:


  89. Samir Kolo says:

    Your choice is outstanding . Nicola

  90. vikas patel says:

    Its look like mashroom. So nice pic

  91. Bibek Bhusal says:

    How could I be there??

  92. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. WONDERFUL PICTURE…

  93. Lu T says:

    looks like cake)))

  94. I thought that said sheep were lowered to cliffs! Looks awesome

  95. if you go there, you will discover the natives are all inbred, the mainland Danes tend to avoid thinking these people are Danes. If you go to this destination, you’ll see the genetic effects. butt ugly people who are bout dumb as a box of rocks.

    Don’t go there, boycott the place.

    Whale and Dolphin Massacre in Faroe Islands of Denmark

    Killing thousands of whales and dolphins to prove they are “manly”

    what a bunch of dbags.

  96. Amrit Kafle says:

    so nice & gate…………..

  97. This is beautiful and so are you! All is well and the power of God is near! Namaste’

    Rajini Rao is beautiful

  98. travel to the new world LOL

  99. Impressive and seemingly impregnable!!!

  100. U don’t see that every day

  101. MC Uneek says:

    gotta visit this place !!

  102. kasim pathan says:


  103. that is 1 of the most werdist things you can see


  104. Mtu Kinoti says:

    magnificent, would like to lve there

  105. Stephen Villano wtf? It’s a photo discussion not an exercise in pompous bullsh*t amirite? 🙂

  106. Faisal Ahad says:

    this is so Amazing!!

  107. R. D. says:

    i would prefer to eat it.the cream looks delicious

  108. Narez Vision says:

    a pictr dek ney keliye acha…….

    bahuth acha………..

  109. anup gupta says:

    its beauti of nature

  110. pretty donna says:

    beautiful……i like it

  111. Soooooo beautiful…….. like d lady up here.. 🙂

  112. Arif Akhtar says:

    its sooooooo amazing

  113. สวยที่สุดที่เคยเห็นมา

  114. dwi hisjam says:

    waaau ! it’s very beautifull . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

  115. scamall hiontach draíochta talún!

  116. Kat L says:

    so cool…. i would love to see this for myself…

  117. bread kim says:

    Very beautiful picture..

    I ve naver seen that..

  118. very beautiful scenery.

  119. Aakansha Gupta hiiiiiiiiiiii…how r u?

  120. Hamza Ahmed says:

    man…that’s clever and beautiful

  121. Bilal Ahmad says:

    beautiful and clever

  122. seems heaven of nature……!!!!

  123. Nice place……………

  124. Ahsan Ali says:

    oooohhhh wooow this is an amazing place

  125. Amazing shot, amazing looking place

  126. Chester Moy says:

    When I look at this photo, I think

    Cyclops population (?)

  127. pavan kumar says:

    nice pic looks like ice cream

  128. Mark Scott says:

    I would like my house to be on top of that!!

  129. Ibrar Yunus says:

    Looks Yummy! Omnomnomnomn


  131. waoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  132. Wong Koewei says:

    The wonder of the world…

  133. Let’s hope they don’t herd this fluffy cloud along with the sheep and shear it.

  134. Samia Elsaid says:

    Stunnig&peculiar really!!!!!

  135. Darren Pinto says:

    very very nice…………………..

  136. Rajini Rao says:

    Feisal Kamil , you bring up the mysteries of the Google algorithms for What’s Hot which have been the subject of much puzzlement! I suspect this post got on because of the time slot..there may have been a lull in new posts and I actually noticed that it got on the list (but way down) before I went to bed. Once a post gets on What’s Hot it’s like a feed forward chemical reaction 😉

    Other posts like the SEM one you mention got a lot more initial shares and likes (I think it’s the rate of adds that is being monitored for “hotness”), but still didn’t make it to the listing. Actually, it’s more gratifying when something gets appreciated despite not being on the list.

  137. like a marshmellow teacake

  138. So how do they get the sheep up there? Parachute? Or is there a sandy beach around the back? This curious mind would like to know! 🙂

  139. Rajini Rao says:

    Adrian R. Magnuson-Whyte , Wiki has a great story on that! Apparently, they used to be feral/wild sheep but now they are of the Faroes breed. Check it out here:

  140. wow never seen that in my life

  141. real a very beautiful pic

  142. wat d hell is that seems d island is havin some kinda fit……:@:}

  143. really wonderful…………….

  144. Tom Lee says:

    Beautiful and unique. Mother nature at work. Nice post as usual. +10 !

  145. My Dude says:

    How the………

  146. jiah shareef says:

    whoa!!!1 awesome!!!

  147. Rajini Rao Thanks for the link. Much appreciated. 🙂

  148. Bunty Singh says:

    great view ……..

  149. argh, i’m tired of concrete, let me out!

  150. Gaythia Weis says:

    Given what looks to me like a fair amount of erosion, I’m wondering if the sheep aren’t a bad idea. I also wouldn’t want to be the one herding them to the edge to get into a net.

  151. this is called called combination

  152. wow awsum view……

  153. Abi Malar says:

    all your images are innovative and informative……… it was really superb and mindblowing and awesome

  154. Prabal Punj says:

    island nahi cloud land hai

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