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7 Responses to 2012-01-22

  1. Rajini Rao says:

    Achaz Lirantzopoulos , is there a Greek version of roasted eggplant pate? I’m guessing there must be.

  2. Not really that I know of. We have melizinosalata, which is like baba ganoush….. not nearly the same. Nothing in greek cuisine comes close to the colors and flavors of indian cooking. I miss my punjabi grandma!

  3. Rajini Rao says:

    Achaz Lirantzopoulos You have a Punjabi grandma! I didn’t know that! Greek food is good..I like the olives, feta and of course the baklava and sweets. I was to have visited Crete and mainland years back but it was on the exact 9/11 day and everything was cancelled ­čśŽ

  4. Yes my dads mother was from khanpur in bahawalpur. My dad and two of his siblings were born there! Greek food is really almost the same as middle eastern food, which I grew up on, but with more seafood. I agree it is delicious. To me its comfort food. I hope you get to come to greece someday. Its beautiful.

  5. TWE says:

    This looks wonderful !

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