Honestly, tell me if I’m an intellectual snob.

Honestly, tell me if I’m an intellectual snob. Do we really want college flunkies to be running our country? GW Bush was not the brightest star in the firmament, then we had John McCain who graduated at the bottom of his class. Of course, Ms. Palin- who sampled 6 colleges in a quest for a journalism degree but could not name a single newspaper at a pinch. Now we have Mr. Perry who is poised to run for President..I know Organic Chem is tough, but surely a future Prez can do better than an F? Not to mention all the C’s and D’s (even in Gym?). It is sad when we set the bar so low. ­čśŽ

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2 Responses to Honestly, tell me if I’m an intellectual snob.

  1. I always thought “mainstream” America have this ingrained distrust of intellectuals. They also seem to admire folks who seemed to have make it without any apparent qualifications. But these folks do have charisma, social skills, negotiating and persuasion skills. They also have really good talent for sales. In the end that is what sets them apart from others. They are in the business of selling memes and for most part, they are really effective at it.

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    So true (sigh). It is odd that “mainstream” Americans despise the intellectual elite and are suspicious of free public education when it is education that is the great leveler and offers a way out of social differences. Imagine getting a decent govt. funded education in India! So many of my well-off friends here in the US came from modest families and are first generation college graduates.

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