All for a Pail of Water: This touching photograph shows tribal women in India risking their lives in a human chain…

All for a Pail of Water: This touching photograph shows tribal women in India risking their lives in a human chain to reach water from an agricultural well. Did you know that 1 in 6 people on our planet lack access to clean drinking water? New research offers an elegantly simple solution: sun, lime juice and salt . No, it’s not the recipe for a margarita! ūüôā

‚ÄĘ What is SODIS? When water in a clear plastic bottle is placed in direct sunlight for 6 hours, the heat and ultraviolet light destroys most viruses, bacteria and parasites. This technique of Solar Disinfection reduces diarrhea and cholera by 70-80%, diseases that claim 4000+ childhood deaths per day in Africa. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently showed that adding juice from half a lime per bottle significantly reduced bacterial load and speeded up the process to just 30 minutes, comparable to boiling or other methods of disinfection. Lime juice contains psoralens which form covalent crosslinks between DNA strands in the presence of sunlight, a reaction that prevents DNA replication in the pathogens.

‚ÄĘ Lurking in the Murk: When the water drawn from rivers and boreholes is turbid, SODIS does not work well, since the microbes hide out under suspended particles of clay and silt. A study showed that adding a quarter teaspoon of table salt to the water neutralized charges on colloidal clay so that it sedimented out easily. Seeding the water with a little clay (of the type known as bentonite) actually hastens the clarification!

#scienceeveryday FTW! Simple solutions for #Glia .

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Photo Credit: G.N.Rao, The Hindu .

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  1. Lovely photo. All that hardship to get some water, but the lady at the top looks like she is smiling and enjoying the day.

  2. Wesley Yeoh says:

    and it’ll taste a lot like Gatorade with the lime and salt too

  3. Stuti S A I says:

    Very helpful post, Ragini ūüôā Many thanks!

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Daniel Phillips , I noticed that too! This must be routine for these village women.

    Wesley Yeoh , good point. Quote from Science Daily: “The water has a lower sodium concentration than Gatorade,” Pearce says. This would still be too much salt to pass muster as American tap water, but American tap water is not the alternative.

  5. I wonder why they don’t just build a simple wooden pump or one of those small buckets on a rope type water lifting devices.

  6. Rajini Rao says:

    I’m guessing that they may be too poor to do that, Wolfgang Rupprecht . Or perhaps, since it is an agricultural well, they may not have official access to it?

  7. After a posted that, I also started wondering if theft might be a problem.  If the area is really poor, someone might steal any useful parts off of an unguarded device.

  8. Rajini Rao says:

    That’s a good possibility as well, Wolfgang Rupprecht . Sad, is it not?

  9. Rajini Rao , I love to tinker and looking at a picture of people doing something like this by hand just pains me more than I can describe.  I sure hope they figure out some way to mechanize things and make their lives a bit easier.

  10. VIP (Very Important Post) 

    Thank you Rajini.

  11. Rajini Rao says:

    Aww, thank you right back Terry Hallett!

    Wolfgang Rupprecht , I recall posting an image of school children crossing a dangerously collapsed rope bridge across a river in Indonesia. There were many comments questioning why the villagers did not simply repair the bridge. I guess we must not understand all the limitations people face in an environment so different from ours. Here is the image:

  12. This is really touching photo. It’s sad that they have to struggle to get some water, but one who misuses water must pay immediate attention to it. Also good (& simple) solutions to clear the water. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wish there was Charity:Water like projects there. The government in India has enough money but just like here they will only go when votes are needed and serve the rich only.

  14. Rajini Rao¬†, that cable bridge picture is a great picture. ¬†It certainly evokes a reaction. ¬†(And that reactions is to cringe and count one’s blessings.) ¬†I agree, if something doesn’t make sense, then one is almost certainly missing some key bit of information. ¬†

  15. Ethan Smith says:

    So we should begin with a 16.7% reduction in population?

  16. Rajini Rao says:

    A reduction in population, to conserve scarce resources, is certainly the way to go, Ethan Smith . Are¬† you going to tell us how you arrived at that precise percentage? ūüėČ

  17. Ethan Smith says:

    1 in 6 people, you said. I’d be excited to see what would happen to our rich dominated society if poor people gradually became scarce!

  18. Rajini Rao says:

    Ah, I see. Unfortunately, the trends in the US show more people falling under the definition of poverty. In India and other developing countries, there have been more people pulled out of extreme poverty, but not enough..

  19. Very informative post Rajini Rao!

  20. The solution to reducing poverty is not to get rid of the poor…

  21. Ethan Smith says:

    Counties follow the path of modern countries ever more closely. It seems though that those leaders are reaching a new condition where fewer and fewer people are needed. Theres many different results that could occur.

  22. Rajini Rao says:

    Of course, Jyoti Dahiya ! We need to move people past that statistic, not get rid of them.

  23. Ethan Smith says:

    Jyoti Dahiya true! We need more poor than ever!

  24. Ethan Smith¬†, I hope you’re joking. The alternative is not pleasant.

  25. Rajini Rao says:

    LOL, I suspect he is!

  26. Rajini Rao  Thank you for the post!

    I was going to immediately ask whether glass bottles would do, since I’m squeamish about plastic, but the source article cleared that up. It does mention a particular type / formulation of plastic (PET:, though; any idea if that is relevant to getting the desired result?

    [I am not a scientist, so this might be a dumb question…]

  27. Ethan Smith says:

    Then yes, the solution is to get rid of the poor. Only the rich want more. No one considers killing them as an option. Getting rid of the poor only has two real meanings, lead the poor to better lives and stop making more.

  28. I think, the economical growth, good but low cost medical facilities, awareness about healthcare (and like that) are important things to remove poverty from its roots. For making better conditions for poors and pull them up, Gov. have to pay strong attention and take quick steps on it (which is not done by any..).

  29. Ethan Smith , there was an Isaac Asimov story about getting rid of the poor. I forget its name. Have you read it?

  30. Rajesh Palar says:

    its very danger…………………

  31. Rajini Rao says:

    Pravin Bhojwani , I was concerned about the leaching of plastics into the water as well. The phthalates in these bottles are known to interfere with our hormones. I guess it is the lesser of two evils, since glass bottles are probably more expensive. Here is a link that I found:

    Edit: All that is needed is a clear bottle, the type of plastic/glass should not matter.

  32. Rajini Rao says:

    Gnotic Pasta , I thought of your camping trips in the mountains while looking up the SOLDIS technique ūüôā Good alternative if you are not carrying a filtering device on you.

  33. mahek abbas says:

    rajini rao are u a scientist????i wanted 2 beee

  34. I suppose it has to be clear to the right frequencies of light. Maybe glass is not such a good idea as it blocks out most UV radiation, Rajini Rao .

    Gnotic Pasta¬†I used to use a portable iodiser made by the company Ion Exchange. In the monsoon, it sells well in India. The rest of the year, it’s usually out of stock. Gives you 1500 litres, then you have to buy a new one.

  35. mahek abbas says:

    plzz tell me mam…i request

  36. Rajini Rao says:

    Yes, I’m a scientist by profession mahek abbas ūüôā

  37. Ethan Smith says:

    mahek abbas Step one. Spell your words. Spell check makes it far easier than it was for Mrs Curie. Becoming a scientist is very achieveable just stick with it!

  38. Rajini Rao says:

    Good call re. the glass bottles, Jyoti Dahiya !

    Gnotic Pasta , I’ve used a portable filter fitted with iodination cartridge. The UV light pen looks like an lighter/smaller alternative to carry around.

  39. mahek abbas says:

    oh thank u very much Gnotic Pasta and Rajini Rao 

  40. Rajini Rao says:

    Nothing worse than having a vacation (especially overseas) ruined by a “stomach bug”.

  41. Rajini Rao¬† Jyoti Dahiya¬† Gnotic Pasta¬† I assumed that since the author / scientist has published (as in, the source link), he would already have successfully tested the method with glass bottles also. Now I wonder…

    I have some Snapples bottles I am reusing to store drinking water. I think I’ll try this out.

  42. rajini this is like a dream

  43. Not yet, but i’ll look it up. (Any suggestions?) ūüôā

    I know I have contact information somewhere of a charity in Chennai selling water testing kits, and I’ve been meaning to buy one anyway. That would take a couple of weeks, I guess. Enough time for me to read up!

    Getting unfiltered water is not a problem, though. I live right next to this: (


  44. Rajini Rao says:

    Hmm, Pravin Bhojwani , you’re going to need some Petri Dishes to culture bacteria and get a colony count. Be sure to do your experiment in triplicate for statistical significance ūüôā

  45. Rajini Rao¬†I’ve always dreamed about setting up a lab (more electronics than biology, though). This should be a nice start! ūüôā

  46. Chad Haney says:

    Good morning, I saw something similar in the Caribbean. Let me dig that up after a swim with Ana.

  47. James Harris says:

    Thanks Rajini Rao¬†for a great share! Shared to my public stream. And yeah, water is such an important resource where some of us are SO lucky to have access to it taken for granted. But it should never really be. As if it goes, then life really changes. And if we’re not careful even those of us who assume clean water will always be there can face an uncomfortable and dangerous shock, if reality shifts things just a bit.

  48. Kripal Singh says:

    oh thank u very much

  49. Kevin Owen says:

    Like Sam Kinison used to say.  Got no water then move to where the water is.

  50. Rajini Rao says:

    Thanks, James Harris . The picture moved me deeply. Then I came across two new papers on such simple solutions that I could not resist sharing them together. Puts things in perspective, does it not?

  51. Rajini Rao says:

    LOLOL, Kevin Owen . Nothing like some comedic relief to lighten things up.

  52. Kevin Owen says:

    Thank you for taking the way it was intended Rajini.  I meant no disrespect.

  53. Rajini Rao says:

    I totally understand, feel free to comment on my posts Kevin Owen ūüôā

  54. Very disturbing  picture indeed  and this is the conditions of the tribal people in our country  and our minsters are eating crores of rupees. Rajni Rao.

  55. Thanks Drew Sowerby for sharing the knowledge.

  56. Rajini Rao says:

    Siri Rosenthal , women and children often bear the bulk of household work. I expect the men were working in the fields or laboring elsewhere.

  57. Chris Luss says:

    Teamwork is important.

  58. Chris Luss says:

    Maybe they are at the bottom.

  59. Rajini Rao says:

    Drew Sowersby , thanks for the explanation.. the original paper referenced kaolinite and illite as well. I confess I have no clue how these clay types are different. But their point was that bentonite flocculated  best in response to NaCl and could be used to seed the process.

  60. Chris, they will be enjoying drinks at home.

  61. Chris Luss says:

    lol… I’m just thinking positive;-)

  62. YE Mera INdia.. i love my India :-P…

    Fuck off.. Bloody mudsucking indian Administration n System

  63. This  shot cannot be considered for its beauty, it is really painful photo.

  64. Avijit das says:


  65. There is some kind of earthy feel about those tribal women, the pic is lovely.

  66. z amihan says:

    No matter how bad it is to drink water from that source, we are going to die anways if not from bacteria, or other organisms but we can die from high blood, diebeties (for drinking too much of sodas), from eating burgers, and other junkies… now I’d rather drink and eat with them than go for western food.

  67. Ummer ummer says:

    super……….a reality of india…….

  68. hardwork because that they are helpLESS..thay have no other water resources so that they arrange some water even for Drinking

  69. Rajini Rao says:

    Siri Rosenthal , I doubt that the men are lounging on the couch watching football ūüôā Life is hard for both genders of these poor tribal people. Also, comments of “nice” are just expressions of appreciation, I think, not to be taken in a literal sense. They could just as well be referring to the text of the post, which is indeed nice, not just the image. But I do understand and share your sense of outrage!¬†

  70. Bill Allen says:

    In America we’d hook some PVC to the damn thing!

  71. dont tell cock and bull storieswithout knowing ….did u know clearly…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ….

  72. at least there smiling

  73. binod kumar says:

    It is an unfortunate to see this and i feel my heart and eyes full with tears. pse save water

  74. This image very interesting for me nice lady

  75. Jim Kennedy says:

    What about capturing rainwater in a clean container, then boiling and/or filtering it?

  76. Rashid Anjum says:

    Ows. I like n share with your thinking. God may bless you with prosperous life. Rashid anjum Pakistani living in saudia.

  77. my god it is very risk

  78. harsh bhatt says:

    soluation for water is-

    1-save water

    2-build new dam’s

    3-with use of new tech for ricycle


    civil eng

  79. It is realty of Indian Women they can perform at any platform.

  80. amhed saif says:

    indian woman is best

  81. asees hassan says:

    their motto no pain no gain .mehnti aurtein .

  82. Highlights the need for infrastructure – some of the new found wealth should be directed to help in the rural areas than announcing plan for Mars -all that aside, there does appear to be some team work on display here.

  83. Highlights the need for infrastructure – some of the new found wealth should be directed to help in the rural areas than announcing plan for Mars -all that aside, there does appear to be some team work on display here.

  84. MADHU YADALI says:

    Oh my God! This is so True! Sad to see this but that is the fact.

  85. Such hardship for a pail of water.

  86. Subhajit Pal says:

    excellent photograph.


  87. Jim Kennedy says:

    OK, you need rain. What about creating rain ? ¬†Technology created 50 rainstorms in Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain region last year. ¬†Check this out: shortened url:

  88. wow how can they do it?

  89. Awesome stuff! I knew about the sunlight, but not about the lime or salt. That’s great!

  90. Zaman Nazari says:

    Anywhere there is corruption and some evil and dirty people are in charge of the government, that country is destroyed and it’s people are poor, as you can see all around the globe.

  91. Naren NSG says:

    Thanks for sharing

  92. Its right rao ji….village woman hard works…….

  93. Waqqass Butt says:

    its a true picture of our region as we are going low at water reserves 

  94. Gary Stein says:

    I do the same thing and I live in Chicago

  95. Siri Rosenthal The men are most likely putting bread on the table to go alongside the water. There’s no need to jump to misogynistic conclusions over a photo that makes no reference whatsoever to them. In underdeveloped countries many people put their safety on the line to make ends meet, not just the women.

  96. vijay kumar says:

    a very risky thing.They are risking their lives.It requires a lot of courage to go through all this.

  97. Kazi Mamun says:

    Puts our daily polemics of left vs right here in the States in perspective.

  98. no need to worry… we have found water on the moon surface and our Govt. will be able to supply water 24X7 from this newly found resource

  99. Irfan Azeez says:

    The Ministers take a bath with mineral water But the poor people still fulfilled there needs,

  100. Bit dangerous if someone falls, isn’t it? It might be fatal…

  101. vino jack says:

    very strong woman…

  102. untold life’s of India

  103. Moses Each says:

    wow what a great picture  taker

  104. Rajini Rao says:

    Race Vanderdecken , did you read the text of the post? Or check out the reference? This post is about SOLDIS and innovations in clean water technology. I don’t see any pandering.

  105. Madhu Ronda says:

    I am an Indian.I want either women or water.why settle for one?

  106. its great one its real view of our india there r many state’s pepole who figth for a water. thans for tis post and awesome stuff…

  107. That sun-bottle idea must be insanely dangerous!

    I am sure some microbes hate being in a bottle, but you don’t want to annoy the pesky beasts, you want to kill them. And I find it hard to believe that they have a problem surviving a sunbath in a dirty bottle.

    How about the shape of the bottle? Surely the sun doesn’t shine from all the directions, so some walls of the bottle will be only illuminated slightly. Comparing to the size of a bacteria that’s like a whole planet to evolve in a luxuriously warm pleasant environment.

    As of half-lime per bottle, I wonder who is going to irrigate the fields for those lime trees?

  108. Wowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! hardworking women r greater than hardly working women………. They r a perfect example

  109. There’s a good message on that.. ūüôā

  110. women are always laborious and that is why they getting top bearths in every sectors, now they getting their due recognition

  111. Mark Herndon says:

    Yes I do know that and instead of building/updating fresh water infrastructure the California legislature instead shifted the funds over to building a high speed rail line between LA and San Fransisco…….

  112. Manish Kumar says:

    aur hum delhi me RO lagakar pata nahe kitna saaf paani waste karte hain

  113. it is sensible issue, In india during rains huge water is going to sea, we can utilize this water before sending to sea. 

  114. Julian Talbo says:

    What if that was a drawing…

  115. sanil kumar says:


  116. Jim Jeffries says:

    Always amazes me what Americans take for granted.

  117. Gazi Mahfuz says:

    really touching photo.

  118. Smart Kavya says:

    oh my god

    i am an indian 

    thank god i dont suffer such

    we indians should stand together to supply water to all

  119. nasir uddin says:

    Actually they led very riskful life.

  120. India is having 3G calling almost everywhere…pic like this is an insult to every Indian enjoying¬†luxuries or an easy Life.¬†

  121. This is unbeliveble…people die for water ….

  122. rajesh verma says:

    This is future of Indian who believe in politicians

  123. Mark Negie says:

    What a hauntingly beautiful photo and amazing post. Once more, thank you Rajini Rao for these exquisite nuggets of information and humanity. Namaste.

  124. Mayra Quiroz says:

    wow they have to do all that, i wish i could help ūüė¶

  125. Rajini Rao says:

    Oleg Mihailik , crazy as it seems, the SOLDIS method has been experimentally verified. Here is one example:

    Notice that the bacterial and viral counts are decreased by log units (each log unit is 10 fold). A search on PubMed for “solar disinfection” came up with 167 papers that you may want to skim through:

  126. Jakae kardo madad unki..jao jao fta fat..

  127. Civilization, oh a big problem not only in India but in other parts of the world as well !!!

  128. BE A1 OM ( . ) @ Rare pictuRe : Saathi haath badaana ! /* ALLAH AMEN Z0

  129. Thank you +Rajini Rao for posting this! To help create social awareness, I’ve taken the liberty of reposting this on my FaceBook wall:¬†

  130. Greg Youree says:

    Now those women just need access to fresh limes and salt.

  131. Rajini Rao says:

    You’re welcome, David Alexanders . Feel free to reshare.

  132. Siri Rosenthal It’s good to care. Sometimes our comments can convey more controversy than caring, though. Especially when that controversy is unrelated to the topic at hand. Namaste.

  133. The US is so blessed and unappreciative!!

  134. Mila App says:

    Thank u for the post.

  135. Its really shocking.Thanks for sharing

  136. India is sending millions on nuclear weapons as well as receiving aid from us.

  137. Roy says:

    These are the Kinda Women who Do What They’ve Gotta Do….Poor People who do not have the¬†Privilege water to Survive……¬†Respect…..

  138. Andres Soolo says:

    Their problem is not lack of water, it’s lack of a rope.

  139. women  r always strong n they have proven it every time..

  140. Awareness is good but it does not even begin to fix these problems. Money is a little better but drilling wells and adding solar pumps are band aids that fail soon after the nice white kids in their 20s go back to grad school.

     We have thrown money and countless volunteer man hours at these problems for decades to no avail.

     What the fuck?

    Why in 2012 with vast resources and amazing technology are we still unable to fix this shit?

     I am done giving to any of these charities until they show me exactly why they have been failing and what they plan to do differently.

  141. Kevin chabwe says:

    its a pity,but there is one thing they should know that God knows their what and where abouts and he will make a way. i pray that His mercies rain in their lives.

  142. Geto Getov says:

    Thank you for sharing !

  143. gururaj gk says:

    Best example of Team work in India..

  144. the world and water…..

  145. sorrow side of country

  146. Tarik Sikdar says:

    I wand go to london.can you halp me.

  147. Thank you for sharing this picture Rajini Rao¬†“speechless” and we should do something for these womans. So much injustice and so little is done no matter the efforts you, I & others will do to help cuz in the end, Governments are the responsibles for this. The majority of people want to do “good” for their next ones but #policies & #crookedpeople ¬†above ain’t helping as story goes.¬†

    Thanx for sharing again ūüôā

  148. ray sanchez says:

    beautiful photo, interesting story, thank you.

  149. Rajini Rao thanks a lot for the resources!

    After looking through a couple of abstracts, it looks like my scepticism was warranted. I don’t question that UV kills bacteria, I am sceptical to whether it kills enough of them for safe consumption, comparing with more traditional boiling.

    One way or another, it’s great to have a simple method to decrease contamination, especially in cases where boiling is too expensive or time consuming.

  150. Sarath Lal says:

    This is real india

  151. Crussian Doe says:

    So they prefer to risk their lives rather then building some steps (that’s not that hard if whole village will gather together even with primitive tools) or draw-well(which could be made from piece of wood and rope)…

    I’m sorry but I’ve no sympathy for people who don’t want to help them self.¬†

  152. Gregg Havens says:

    water is a precious requirement of life… we in the U.S., don’t truly know the gift we have in our homes (at least most of us). For us, a glass of water is only seconds at a faucet. For these ladies, it is 10s of minutes or longer for the same.

  153. KEVIN POSEY says:

    wheres the deer park truck when you need them? it only seems in human to us as a culture. We are spoiled to the point of being lazy in this country. we wonder why our economy and jobs are so bad, what if i were your boss, and told you to get me some water this way. I wonder how long you would work for me. We need to re think our ways as a people and as a Nation, we have become blind to our intitled attitude and if we dont smell the smoke we wont escape the fire that follows. I stand behind my Nation, but im not blind to the lies that they sell the public, the wars the economy, the elderly eating cat food because they cant afford medications. then largest prison pop. in the world. 65 % 0f our people live below the poverty level. We are a great Nation, but were losing it going down hill like a snowball headed for hell!

  154. indian political very very super……………

  155. Divy Barot says:

    true but building a well would be impossible in that rocky terrane plus the sides are at an angle

  156. Moilim Yacoub blaming the government is a fallacy. Ten thousand years we’ve been digging for water like that, what government do you blame for that ‘injustice’?

    It is indeed a pain, but let’s not convert compassion into guilt.

  157. What are you doing for them

  158. Every Member of the Parliament gets a Rs 5 Crore (Rs 50 Million), grant for spending on any social project at his discretion Member of Parliament Local Area Development Fund РMPLAD). 

    The prime¬†minister¬†of India used 90% of the funds for his¬†constituency. The leader of the ruling party used 59%. The next dynasty man in waiting (to become a future prime minister) used 36%. The rest was unspent. I don’t know where this is from. These are clearly cases of apathy. Every scam reported in the papers in recent times are worth about Rs 150,000 Crores. (Rs 1500 Billion). There have been about 5 such major ones so far. China’s communism is better than India’s democracy.¬†

  159. Ksd Dwivedi says:

    etna sannata kyu hasi bhai

  160. Rajini Rao says:

    Fidel Serrano¬†, your sympathy is not solicited ūüôā This post seeks to inform the reader on some elegant and simple approaches to purify water. #scienceeveryday ¬†

  161. Wayon Shaw says:

    i remember those days, growing up in a Small town in Jamaica

  162. ravi honey says:

    this is a true picture of india

  163. davis’ fall ho ki kya ho hamro pokhara ko ??

  164. Gyanu Rawat says:

    dangerous life


  165. Kevin Ford says:

    That’s pretty neat…

  166. Lets be more responsible when we use water

  167. z amihan says:

    +siri Rosenthal of course i totally understand that point, where the h*ll those men were all these women doing the hard work and at the end of the day they are still going to work that is when (if you know what i mean) ;-)… here in asia men and women are sharing responsibilities, some are working overseas, some are working at the constractions, and other different fields. This kind of job has been a job of women since the biblical time… this is a job of women… i am not against with american dudes (geesh my dad is oops) yes, but how are american women gather water when it is readily available for them? you have to consider first the country, the geographical site of the area, the availability and the custom.

  168. kind hard to believe friends

  169. For some people water is not available, so It’s precious. ūüôā

  170. rohit rawat says:

    our govt jst think how to save money for nxt electn……..

    still thousnd of villages in our contry their z no facilty evn for water…..

    fukng mangmt………….

  171. Fascinating will to live. This is more than I can say for some people that I know, who will only blame the government, for whatever their troubles.

  172. Alex Ray says:

    I think the next world war well be over water.

  173. a woman is great alone…alot of women, makes a community of warmth and hard work.¬†

  174. kyre edwards says:

    weird and strange all at once

  175. Hi’s a real fact

  176. Rajesh Kumar says:

    sister it’s very touching to heart, nice collection, thank youfor sharing

  177. This photo is unbelievable. We are in 2012, you would think clean water should be not a problem for this genoration. Its unfortunate, because this problem can be resolved. “Give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to catch a fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”. Rather sending our military and starting wars, we should rather be sending them so they can educate these people.

  178. sory women,what a petty……

  179. z amihan says:

    so true chitchating during the long works in spite of the weight they carrying…. there are happiness that cannot be bought by money and that is contentment..

  180. Why not we contribute water pump as a project? Any volunteer?

  181. hahahahahahhaha good…

  182. In India folks don’t have time to wait for water to run downhill to them. People are also cheaper than plumbing too!

  183. woooww…strong woman…masyaallah…

  184. thanks for your photo shear

  185. Usually tribals does not take much care about their lives because of their innoscence,so they are being exploited

  186. Anil Sood says:

    The photograph taken by shows your interest on Indian ladies, who works so hard in India.

  187. i think they should have used rope to get water from there

    its a simple solution i guess

  188. fantastic pic of another culture & how they work together. As a First Nation person of Canada, another culture came here to show us how to fish and we lost everything…

  189. n  to my concern the photographer should have helped the villagers to get a rope ( which costs only few bucks ) . n helped the villagers

  190. Arun Kumar says:

    thanks for showing there hardness for water i

    have a solution i can give an idea how to get out of this

  191. z amihan says:

    you cannot just get a water pump you must study the soil and if there is water in the water table… geography must be considered. guys, i know we want to give ideas and we want their livelihood to be elevated but sometimes to changed a tradition or custom is like losing it? If american indians has retained who they are until now, if they were not terminated (oops not all though only those who against the changes)

  192. No Doubt … Zarorat ijad ki maan hai..¬†

  193. What a photograph….really penetrating and feel as if the things we take for granted should be thought about and changed. …

  194. Wyn Williams says:

    parnesh sharma not really, it would drag up the rocks and get broken, they would have to have the resources, tools / materials to build a framework jutting out over it and we can only see a small part of the picture.

  195. Team work always gets the job done a little quicker  

  196. Perhaps they should have built a ladder…

  197. Crussian Doe says:

    Rajini Rao Actually all it shows is called “being lazy”. There are millions solutions for every problem which human is facing daily. And there is one which is chosen most of the time. It’s called “doing nothing”.

    But let’s get to science…

    Plastic bottle – so easy to get in US of A and not that easy in the middle of village which stuck in stone age with ceramic bowls…

    But lets get back to the text… lemon juice – how many Africans could get one lemon, and how affordable that’s for them? Something tells me that they’re not affordable.

    Salt Рso useful and could be found in every household, in industrial countries. Again Рhave doubts that ppl in central Africa have easy access to the salt. And even on shores they definitely have problems of getting salt from ocean. 

    So far useless advices which wouldn’t have much of effect on childhood deaths in Africa

  198. Alex Kintzer says:

    How were u able to combine the sad (picture) with the funny remark at the end!?!? I need lessons in how to do that.

  199. nice good to know this things

  200. totally unsafe. someone could fall

  201. Infrastructure will allow these women to spend their time in other ways. But that’s not an unreasonable amount of weight for a laborer, looks bright, and I bet those ladies chat up a storm. ūüėõ

  202. Abu Habeeb says:

    Arab proverb : Necessity is the mother of invention . Thanks

  203. Bill Hampton says:

    And the belief in inequality continues. I deserve to have more than you because I am superior, and we wonder why there is terrorism and wars.

  204. have alway’s had to buy water well was poisened by terroristas

  205. Lee Moore says:

    WTF keeps these people from learning better/safer/smarter ways of solving problems for themselves? Is this some cruel trick of evolution, or do these people just like doing shit the hard way?

  206. makes me feel how grateful  I am to have fresh water

  207. excellent job Rajini !!!

  208. z amihan says:

    I know there is a lot of things for the 3rd world country to improve. If i go back from the past and compare the people to now there are of course changes for the betterment but there are good things that was already left behind… There are good things and bad things in innovations. I say if there are changes it must be eventual, and there are things that we get in doing such gathering a pail of water, talking while walking to get a water, laughing with friends, and making the day perfect no matter how hard it is in the eyes of some.

  209. hey dont make fun of my friends

  210. jaipal jai says:

    thats a indian spirit…

  211. John Abeyta says:

    That’s so awesome

  212. Those women are awesome!

  213. R Lewis says:

    That’s crazy, especially since all we have to do is turn a knob for water

  214. wat does e recipe do?…it myt help

  215. Mazburi aur aadat ..i Think 

  216. yaa its a salute to them

  217. hats of t u for this post

  218. we should salute them.they are ready to die for living

  219. Bala Sankar says:

    Team Works. Real Problem. Real People. Living their Life.

  220. ashok kumar says:

    we are really proud like a indian

  221. This photo even though projects a horrible state of India, on the flip side it also tells a story of the survival. When the government is not doing enough you can’t sit and wait :). The life always finds the way out. I have been through such days during my childhood, going to a well with my mom and family and I know how it is hard to fetch the water. I appreciate the people in my country to keep the hope alive.

    Probably having been though such an experience, I feel it hard to tolerate the wastage.

  222. raj kumar says:

    i really feel pain because all political party  spoiling our nation in name  of polities

  223. “TEAMWORK.”

    It’s not just for Sports


  225. Rajini Rao says:

    Douglas Fraser , post this link on her FB wall and ask her to comment here on G+. We would appreciate it.

  226. avo puro says:

    sad pics..rural woman risk themslve js to the fetch water which is life…where as the rich bastard(govt) turn a blind eye to see their pathetic condition…(2012 -india)

  227. Roshan Vs says:

    that¬†women’s¬† must be have¬†unbelievable strong heart¬†¬†!!!

    how they make it …….

  228. wuaooo que impresionante eso por eso es que las mujeres tienen mas fortaleza que nosotros los hombres por eso las amo

  229. Thank you for sharing

  230. Look like there much going on in the photo

  231. Mukesh Meena says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  232. One thing government should do is provide accessible water for its people. Good share.

  233. Raj Kumar says:

    And i see plenty wasting liters of water

  234. same on us yaar for ths pics brave ladies

  235. trevorj corr says:

    true what a pal off water full story ..

  236. And it’s also the best time for these women to discuss their domestic and social problems, exchange views about men and sometimes politics too…..And that is probably the reason why the lady at the top is smiling…..

  237. Star Lord says:

    That’s not so bad… Did you know that in South America they tried to privatize the water?! I mean ALL THE WATER, even rain water.

  238. next world war will be for water……

  239. I would like to do this for myself.

    But how much is a bottle of water?

  240. We need to push for desalination plants 

  241. i am from india but live in america and i feel so sad for the indian people they should come here or have the same thing as here. here is an advice dont use that much water so some water can go to india

  242. THEY must get the first medal 4 bravery 

  243. Lee Moore says:

    At least they are thinking about more than themselves. At least they are working as a team. Unlike us here in the United States. The only time we work together here to help a neighbor, or fellow man, id of we think we will get on “you tube”, the news, our get some kind of mass recognition.

  244. Wow this is humbling and reminds me how fortunate I am.

  245. pranil nair says:

    That’s bonding in difficult time….

  246. cose dell altro mondo mai viste 

  247. incredible India  

  248. It’s quite a norm in the countryside Rajini Rao n it’s horrible that they have to go through this in this modern world, what we call it.

  249. in maharashtra many places r like this situation even at some places men r bringing water from far away with drums on bicycle for a whole day in summer days.

  250. govt ? god ? country?………………. always sleeping.

  251. that is the natural water without batria they haveing full of strength in mind also. welldone indian sisters…

  252. Shweta Angne says:

    Let’s do our bit here..I had started this campaign last month to help this cause.

    You guys can join too.

  253. Anwar Ahmadabidin¬† I would say “most” in our Western Society of me, me, me. And, yes the true Ruler s of this planet is in all the governments through out and using tactics that the every Joe has never seen before, here on Mother Earth….Divine Rule is our only option as Human-Beings because “King Rule” is Evil.¬†

  254. They all are teaching that…..WATER IS LIFE.

  255. Chyia Lewis says:

    woah i just hope no one slips

  256. koi bhe sleep hua to pani pe jayega …. hahhahaa

  257. Mahi Jackson says:

    water problem, now a days its common, but its too bad, next further days we dont know what it is gng to do, somany people have to do fight for water, its true  

  258. Alex Bynum says:

    Someone should teach them how to make rope.

  259. Paras Sabina says:

    Very difficult life here. great fight.

  260. Sreerag Sr says:

    R they searching 4 undergroundwater?????

  261. Paras Sabina says:

    Very difficult life here. great fight.

  262. The life it’s so hard but easy to them

  263. Abhi Bhagat says:

    Nice move! I think the politician or bureaucrats sitting on top will surely do something for these people after looking at movements like this and consider poor villages important like big cities.

  264. Arvind koul says:

    yeap Rajini Rao  its very much true >>and Indians are face it at an unbelievable value

  265. Saheli Sheth says:

    They are so brave and kind to do that just for their family’s health. Long live:)

  266. Desh Maharaj says:

    need to buy the a rope.

  267. Where is the government?

  268. Rama Drama says:

    That was very informative Rajini Rao. I think we need to post such critical information right under street names and temples and multitude of movie posters so it reaches the right people(if they can read,otherwise,use the traditional loud speaker method).

  269. Rajesh Kumar says:

    we have told that our country doing progress. its called progress?

  270. Elegantes in spite of a hard work…

  271. Alex Shagiev says:

    This is not what you think, it is their local climbing gym.

  272. Uthaya Kumar says:

    Childrens dont know, how mother collect water from…..hell with pain.

  273. Anil Kumar says:

    The have’s are haves and the have-not’s havenots !

  274. Really its a big¬†challenge…!¬†

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