Meanwhile, at the fly Olympics…      Photo credit: Magnus Muhr

Meanwhile, at the fly Olympics…      Photo credit: Magnus Muhr


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27 Responses to Meanwhile, at the fly Olympics…      Photo credit: Magnus Muhr

  1. I hope no fly was mis-treated /killed for the making of these photographs… 🙂

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    Perhaps they died of natural causes (doing the sport they loved) 🙂

  3. Rajini Rao Great creativity on these images… 

  4. Ha ha… that’s sick!

    Hi Rajini!

  5. glenn archer says:

    that one in the front is flying!

  6. Rajini Rao says:

    Hi Jimmy Shepard ! Pretty gross, eh? 🙂

  7. No – it’s brilliant!

  8. Rajini Rao says:

    glenn archer , the one in front is Blade Runner Fly.

  9. Rajini Rao says:

    I heard time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.

  10. Rajini Rao says:

    Kevin Moses , I’m all a-buzz to hear the latest 🙂

  11. Hysterically, uproariously, w/tears streaming down my face funny! Thank you beyond words!

  12. lol.. Now thats a creative work we say..:)

  13. My thoughts are just flying with compliments for this bugee post.

  14. ha ha ha ha ha

    tope na sudhra jaye

  15. Great works Rajini Rao 🙂

  16. mahek abbas says:


  17. devil’s creativity at work….lol

    I find it really hard to catch n kill a fly…must have taken hours to get hold of them…

  18. Feisal Kamil yup due to it the dead bodies of the deceased also remains intact…lol 

  19. Anonymole says:

    Looks like a fly by night operation to me.

    This flies in the face of Olympic standards.

    A buzz worthy post.

    Way to wing it.

    Part of Olympic Security’s SWAT team.

  20. For sure this first was Y. Bolt hahahah

  21. Anil Sood says:

    Different style of attracting a partner.

  22. Beautiful !!

    Life is ‘run’ for ‘deth’

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