Cellular Google+ Circles: Don’t You ❤ This?

Cellular Google+ Circles: Don’t You ❤ This? All part of the daily dance show put on by our cells. This time lapse movie shows a cell that was activated by a growth factor. In a coordinated synchrony of motion, the underlying cytoskeleton rearranges to form circular dorsal ruffles that coalesce in a happy coincidence to form a heart.

Image: I ♡Kevin Staff for donating his time and expertise to support ScienceSunday here on Google+. If you don’t have him in your circles, you are missing out on beautiful imagery, poetry and animations. Thanks Kevin!

Source: http://www.cellimagelibrary.org/images/7762

Video taken by Hongying (Hoy) Shen (Yale University; Dr. Pietro De Camilli Lab).

#sciencesunday ScienceSunday 

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49 Responses to Cellular Google+ Circles: Don’t You ❤ This?

  1. Cyrus Khan says:


    Thanks for sharing this : )

  2. Great video! Love it!

  3. Rajini Rao says:

    Thanks, Ali Adelstein and everyone else. I couldn’t wait until next Feb for Valentine’s Day, and in any case, we don’t need a special day to love science 🙂

  4. Deeksha Tare says:

    Oh! I was just about to say Rajini Rao , that you should have saved it for Valentine’s Day!! hehe!

  5. Rajini Rao says:

    I’ll have moved on to another “love” by then, Deeksha Tare 😉 Fickle as I am.

  6. Rajini Rao says:

    Oh really? Sorry about that, Feisal Kamil . I know Kevin keeps his gifs less than 5 MB. This one was 3.9 MB, just checked.

    Try the link in the post..the original movie may be easier to watch..it’s only 8 seconds long.

  7. Ravi Chandu says:

    it took no time for me to load.. 

  8. Rajini Rao says:

    Good to know, Ravi Chandu , thanks. It’s always a trade-off, should I go for better resolution (the wow factor) or easier access.

  9. Ravi Chandu says:

    yeah, please go for a bit higher resolution, but pls keep in mind that some of ur reader mght lag as well.

    thanks Rajini Rao for ur contribution daily..

  10. Chad Haney says:

    Rajini Rao my Madagascar jasmine is blooming. I noticed that one of the vines is trying to find a place to latch onto. It’s almost like an alien. One day it’s to the left the next day to the right. Do you have an idea behind the science? Some kind of chemotaxis?

  11. good post indeed. I’m a biology student.but still feel embarrassed to your content in the post.

  12. Rajini Rao says:

    Liu Rocky , please don’t hesitate to ask questions! In this particular post, I actually did not describe the science behind membrane ruffles..why and how cells do this. I thought it was a bit too detailed for a Sunday post, but I felt kinda sorry to hold back 🙂

  13. Rajini Rao says:

    Chad Haney , basically it is contact sensitive growth. Touch inhibits growth so the opposite side gets more auxin (plant hormone) and grows faster. The asymmetry results in that characteristic curl. In the absence of touch, the tendril appears to waft about aimlessly because growth of the tip is random. There is another type of touch sensitivity called thigmonasty. Odd name, I know! The “sensitive plant” Mimosa pudica is an example. That’s touch sensitive movement, not growth.

    That’s enough botany for the day, I’d rather see pictures of your jasmine blooming.

  14. Chad Haney says:

    I wish you could smell it. It is different and stronger than “regular” jasmine. The “regular” jasmine is blooming too. Both smell wonderful.

  15. Rajini Rao says:

    Mmm, almost enough to send me out into my hot garden 😉

  16. Rajini Rao says:

    It’s been the worst summer in quite a while, Feisal Kamil . Usually, we only have a few weeks of >100F heat in late July or August. But this year, it has been continuous. Bah! Oh well, I’ll be gone for a while, and when I get back we should have nicer fall weather.

  17. Rajini Rao says:

    Goodnight Feisal Kamil . My browser was apparently “bloated” and “leaking memory”, whatever that meant. I had a stern talking-to from spouse who said that I ought to close my browser once in a while 😛

  18. Einstein’s universe is not for me, so I’ve nestled (some say muscled) into neuroscience, but awoke today with my toxic prolixity and brain chemistry hanging out  – a serious violation here in Sweden, which comes in only one flavor: ”light” and where every coach now has an inalienable right to his/ her own coach. That’s a lotta coaches and should not be taken early by an Angry Bird like me. I was hoping your post and ❤ would sweeten an otherwise somber Sunday – the text was great, but I couldn’t get the image.

  19. Rajini Rao says:

    Is the image not loading, John Condliffe ? Or do you mean that you don’t “get” it scientifically?

  20. I answer Yes, to your first question, but I’m prehistoric technically and don’t know what’s wrong.

  21. Rajini Rao says:

    Let me know if you can see the movie in this link: http://www.cellimagelibrary.org/images/7762

  22. Yes, got it, but I’m way out of my depth in this level of specialization. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble.

  23. Kawthar A says:

    How cool is that! Thanks Rajini Rao! great post! 🙂

  24. ❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤♡❤❤

  25. Rajini Rao says:

    LOLOLOL! Magnus Fahlén

  26. ^____________________________________________^

    Thanks for the stunning post Rajini Rao … ^^

    I can feel my cells dancing now … ;-D

  27. Rajini Rao says:

    Actually, Magnus Fahlén , this video won a prize in a competition called Cell Dance 🙂

  28. Wooow … had no idea there are such competitions Rajini Rao … :-O

    Awesome anyhow … are these dances random or do they follow some patterns in the cells ?

  29. Rajini Rao says:

    These circles happen naturally when a growth factor is added to the cells, Magnus Fahlén .

    This particular fella was hoping to cell himself to his lady love by showing his heart 😉

  30. Ahaaa … for sure this was the most beautiful way to show his intends Rajini Rao … 🙂

  31. Rajini Rao says:

    If only we advertised our intentions so beautifully, the world would be a happier place 🙂

  32. Aaaaaaw … it surely would be Rajini Rao … ^^


  33. adverstise our intentions?- surely you are joking;)

  34. Fascinating. I guess it’s time for me to start investigating biological computing and storage.

  35. RAMESH KUMAR says:


  36. I love that there are other people out there who think this stuff I’d as cool as I do!

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