A good cause! More info: http://girlstart.org

A good cause! More info: http://girlstart.org

Originally shared by Kimberly Chapman

Send a Girl to STEM Camp – NEW GOAL!

Because so many folks were awesome yesterday on my modest goal, I’ve updated the page. Now let’s see if we can fully pay for 3 underprivileged girls to go to STEM camp. Throw in a buck or two and pass it on now please!

PS If it gets to $900, keep going! It’ll still accept more!

Original text:

You know how so many of us here on G+ are constantly complaining about the sorry state of STEM education, about insufficient gender equity in STEM and other fields, and about how Texas too often seems like a psychotic hellhole filled with irrational, credulous, anti-science and anti-feminist jerks?

Well it’s time to Put Your Money Where Your Posts Are , people. Time to help make those things better!

I started a fundraising page for GirlStart, an awesome organization that brings STEM education to girls all over Central Texas (and actually not just girls, boys are often welcome at their free, open events, so don’t get cranky and think this is only about girls). They do stuff in schools, they do free science-based activities at larger events, they do workshops, and they do summer camps. They intern/employ female STEM students and recent grads so younger girls can see older ones enthralled by and working in science. They target low-income and at-risk girls and show them that STEM is a way up.

I’ve taken Peo to some GirlStart events and they are always amazing. When the events are free, I donate to cover the cost plus some.

Now I’m asking all of you who care about #science , #skepticism , #STEM , #education , and #genderequality to throw in a few bucks to help the cause.

Please donate a buck or two and spread the word!


I have over 14,000 followers. I expect that modest $150 goal to get met fast. I already threw in ten bucks myself.



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2 Responses to A good cause! More info: http://girlstart.org

  1. Rajini Rao says:

    Aw, thanks..+Gnotic Pasta! I owe you one. Be sure to let me know if you have a favorite project you need supported. 🙂

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    We did get him the dubious honor of “beard of the day”! The power of G+ 🙂

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