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11 Responses to Title

  1. Henk Poley says:

    Gina Jordan have a nice gut dysbiosis then ­čśë

  2. +Gina Jordan, it is like an exotic dish, don’t think too much of what’s inside it otherwise you will never kiss someone again!

  3. J Stasko says:

    Is that fungal hyphae stretching across the screen? Is it all bacteria?

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Good call, J Stasko , that pink horizontal tube seems too long to be a bacterium..could be a fungal hypha. Candida species colonize our mouths. Candida is dimorphic and can switch between budded states and hyphae, although I think it remains as buds until it begins to invade the epithelium.

  5. It’s hard to think about this, when you’re kissing somebody. ha!

  6. J Stasko says:

    Bacteria can be tasty, anyway. Who would turn down a nice yogurt or slice of cheese? (Except for those of us with casein or lactose intolerance and the like.)

  7. Ramesh Kumar says:

    very nice & so cute

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