Do you ♡ Google+ ?

Do you ♡ Google+ ?

The Specials-Ghost town

Originally shared by Chad Haney

There’s something weird, in the neighborhood.

Who you gonna call? G+ost plussers.

In collaboration with Rajini Rao, this is a follow up of Ricardo Nuno Silva post here:

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55 Responses to Do you ♡ Google+ ?

  1. I do, mostly because of people like you and the #sciencesunday and #Caturday curation that is going on here. I may still use le FB and twitter, but I spend the preponderance of my time on G+ because this is, imo, the “cutting edge” of Social. Gooogle is throwing everything at the wall in hopes that something will stick, as a consequence we get to see a lot of innovation in social that just doesn’t happen at FB because its too big.

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    Agree, William Tatum . The problem is that FB users typically don’t “get” G+. Twitter seems a better analogy, although the content base is what makes G+ unique. That’s why it feels good to poke at the Ghost Town criticism in the press.

  3. I have been on ghost networks, I used to use Ning and a few other networks I can’t remember who died over the years. G+ isn’t a FB Mall of America yet, but it is closing in on Twitter’s Homedepot sized market.

  4. Blair Warner says:

    I love it, and would like to see more and more folks over here, but in reality, the average person is ok with FB, and don’t see a need for yet a 2nd social site to take up their time. (and all their friends are on FB–for the time being). Also, G+ does not draw them in the sense of offering something 180 degrees different or better. G+ is the kind of place you don’t see how great it is until you try it, and the key is, other than “the new thing”, what will draw folks to try it?

  5. Blair Warner The kinds of things that would drive them here are the very things that would drive me away. Honestly I like that G+ isn’t “mainstream”, I just want it to make enough money so that G+ won’t kill it like they killed Wave and other Google products. There is a reason that there are a plethora of fairly disparaging phrases for the unwashed masses. Thankfully the Gaga Spears effect didn’t take off like on twitter, that could have had seriously repercussions on the networks.

  6. Rajini Rao says:

    I suspect we’ve all tried and failed to move our FB friends over here. Even ones whom I think G+ would be a perfect fit. Perhaps, that’s not the way to go but rather to try to make the G+ experience a good one for the newbies.

  7. I have convinced most of them to at least follow me, but out of all of my RL friends none actually use G+. Makes me sad, but I regularly see things I posted over here cross posted by them over on FB, so….

  8. Alok Meshram says:

    The writers who call G+ a “ghost town” are morons who write to get pageviews. That’s because G+ has already gained some reputation among the masses for lacking engagement, so it is easy to make fun of and stereotype. The other type of moronic writers simply hate Google and want to revile everything Google does.

    However, there is a bit of truth to the Ghost Town accusation. G+ does lack engagement. And Google absolutely needs to do something about it. Something that attracts people and makes people stay even for a couple of days should be enough.

    That said, however, I see engagement growing on G+ everyday. Google has definitely got something going here, no matter what the “experts” say. It’s like FB in its early days.

    I’m pretty sure G+ will gain steam eventually. Just that Google needs to do more – keep releasing features, keep attracting people, stay in the news.

  9. Alok Meshram says:

    As for inviting people to G+ – here is a strategy that works for me: include those friends who haven’t joined in a circle by their email. Share something they might be interested in in a non-public post (otherwise they’ll be able to see it without logging in) with the circle containing their email addresses. Now, post the link to this post on FB, possibly tagging these people. Make your FB post interesting enough so that they will click the link.

  10. Chad Haney says:

    I just added the theme song to the original post. How could I forget, dooh!

  11. Rajini Rao says:

    I’ve tried just posting a link and an image to (what I assume is) one of my better G+ posts on FB wall. No takers. I suspect that FB users are unaccustomed to serious content..they like quippy status updates and one liners.

  12. Alok Meshram says:

    Rajini Rao : It’s about individual tastes… if someone is really your friend, you know what they like, and I’m sure Google+ is big enough to find a post about something they like. So just share something your friend would like (Privately) and post to FB.

  13. Rajini Rao says:

    Edited to add the G+ Theme Song to this post, thanks for the reminder Chad Haney 🙂

  14. Blair Warner says:

    It would be nice is someone could just make an announcement. “Attention: If you want to keep in touch with old classmates, family and real friends go to FB. If you want to interact with online friends (and of course some real friends, too), get and give meaningful, relevant content and media, and do business, go to G+. If you want to just read news feeds, and follow celebs’ gossip, go to Twitter.” Then let the chips fall, the networks would each serve their best purpose, and folks would come here for a reason, not just to try it out, or ditch FB. I could go on… Google should have done this years ago, but… (by the way, the younger gen. are starting to tire of FB). Texting constantly with real friends is where it is at for them.

  15. Blair Warner thats essentially what is happening, let the “market” decide. We don’t want, at least imo, some third party arbiter dictating that thou shalt use Fb for this and thou shalt use Google for that.

  16. Rajini Rao says:

    Catherine Maguire , I can’t get any of my scientist colleagues to join G+ 😦

  17. Blair Warner says:

    William Tatum Well, I didn’t mean to imply a “dictator” of sorts, but to just make a point. 🙂 The masses often need to be somewhat “told” what to do. For a while the buzz was “you need to be on FB. It’s the coolest thing, etc.” Remember? Yes, you are right, let the “market” decide.

  18. Blair Warner says:

    Catherine Maguire You are right. If there is much to be actually read, FB users are turned off. I get most of my comments and likes on FB on pictures, quotes, and personal stuff like vacation news, or my kids birthday party, etc. When I post something that needs to be clicked through, I get 2-3 to none.

  19. Blair Warner I promise im not a randian or a paulbot, fairly liberal, but I do believe in the power of markets, and I think that telling the masses what to do instead of just suffering the short term consequences of them not knowing what to do, doing the wrong thing, a selective pressure removing the chaff, and people learning instead of just reacting we might actually start to make progress on some of the challenges facing our species that require collective global action.

  20. Rajini Rao says:

    Exactly the same experience here, Blair Warner . I’ve now come to think of FB as an intellectual wasteland. Of course, it’s great for all that’s mentioned here already: friends and family, but not much else.

  21. Alok Meshram says:

    I don’t agree with that characterization of FB… my experience is different. I’ve got a lot of friends that are interested in technology or science or engineering, and when I post such stuff on FB, I get good engagement. I think the point is knowing your audience…

  22. Blair Warner says:

    That’s a viable point, too Alok Meshram Different audiences will engage differently.

  23. Rajini Rao says:

    Prabat parmal , I don’t worry about such things as followers or influence on any social network. It helps to define to yourself why you are here? If it is for some feel-good ego boost, sure, more followers/what’s hot posts/shared circles the better. Personally, I don’t need that. (Disclaimer: I work in an ego-filled profession, there’s plenty to be had where I am, no need for more!). I’m here partly as a science evangelist (because I genuinely love my field and want to reach out to others who may be similarly interested) and partly to have fun with like-minded individuals. As you say, you’re here to just focus on building a network of plussers who help you learn about the world beyond your immediate physical reach, would be my advice to you 🙂

  24. Blair Warner says:

    Catherine Maguire He said a lot of his friends are engineers and scientist, they are their own breed, IMO. Meanin, by nature, they are “thinkers” and analyst, and question askers and problem solves, etc. It does not surprise me that his engagement experience is different.

  25. Rajini Rao says:

    Haha, I have a few FB friends and neighbors who suffer from Ostrich Syndrome too, Catherine Maguire . One of them posted something once about not caring about the economy or politics, it was just too much to keep up with news. Then they proceeded to make small talk about something quite forgettable. I recall being so incensed, that for five minutes I wanted to sell my house and move, LOL!

  26. Alok Meshram says:

    Catherine Maguire : Wrong friends, eh? 😀

    I guess my friends aren’t as close-minded… However, I must say this: even if your friends don’t interact with your post, it’s pretty sure they will read almost everything you post.

  27. Alok Meshram says:

    Catherine Maguire : When Linus Torvalds posted a picture of his cat on G+, it got close to 13,000 +1s … a magnitude larger than the amount normal top-ranking posts get… Let’s face it, the internet loves cats 😀

  28. Alok Meshram says:

    Catherine Maguire : Facebook has definitely degraded (especially after those crazy stream changes you mention); it has also lost its charm for many people. I think all of this is natural… facebook’s bubble is starting to burst.

  29. Alok Meshram says:

    Prabat parmal : It’s alive!

  30. Chad Haney says:

    Sorry, Alok Meshram, I think your FB experience is atypical for many of the G+niuses. I have to agree with Blair Warner, Catherine Maguire, et al. I think the majority of people’s FB interaction is drivel, e.g., what so-and-so had for dinner, how smashed so-and-so was at the bar, etc. Also the stuff that isn’t drivel, is personal, like sharing pictures from a birthday party. Obviously your FB friends are different but I think most the G+niuses have established the right people in their circles to get awesome interaction and engagement. Note this thread is up to 35 comments and I think only Rajini Rao is in my circles. :~) I don’t think you can have an engaging, non-confrontational dialog on FB with strangers, like this.

    For me, I really don’t want the people from FB that post a bunch of drivel to come to G+. I know it sounds selfish and horrible. I wish Google and the media would stop trying to say G+ is the next FB. It’s not. It’s different, it’s better, in my opinion. Keep FB for family and friends IRL. Use G+ to meet and interact with amazing people that share your passion and interests. Learn something new on G+. Keep up with old friends on FB.

  31. Chad Haney says:

    Don’t get me wrong, if you follow certain people and pages the trolls come out. Kimberly Chapman often gets the theist trolls when the “E” word is mentioned. I got into it yesterday with someone over how the new findings of geometry in the brain, using DSI-MRI, is proof that God created the brain. I merely stated that there’s a difference between knowing and believing. It went downhill from there. Also, I almost un-circled Obama’s campaign page due to the right-wing trolls and the flood of comments in Chinese.

    However, most of the time, I thoroughly enjoy my experience on G+.

  32. Chad Haney says:

    Sorry, Prabat parmal, to my knowledge he/she doesn’t have any protons to spin! The image would be empty. Of course we don’t know how he/she would manifest themselves in an MRI magnet. I just hope it’s not metallic! 😀

  33. Rajini Rao says:

    Prabat parmal , whether the cat is alive or dead depends on who’s looking 😉

  34. Chad Haney says:

    Rajini Rao I’m surprised the physics people didn’t jump on the chance to bring up Schrödinger’s cat.'s_cat

    The cat could be alive and dead.

  35. Rajini Rao says:

    Pssh..we don’t need physics people to bring it up! We bio types do just fine 😉 (by the way, my link was from this page..another cute cat cartoon here:

  36. Chad Haney says:

    I don’t know what my dog would say. She doesn’t like cats, especially Schrödinger’s cat. I don’t think I can exist in a universe without dogs.

    See Alok Meshram we are now going from a G+ost Buster meme to existentialism. Do you have that on FB? :~P

  37. Irina T. says:

    The main activity on FB is around mainstream media and commenting doesn’t have “making new friends” in mind. The influx from commercial sites is good enough for many to not think about going to a G+. G+ is more oriented toward personal type of sharing/participation and for some people this is just too much job, they don’t need it. I use both, nothing new about my way of using: FB family/news, G+ my personal interests.

  38. Chad Haney I get theist trolls when I post about anything even tangentially related to science, evolution, atheism, or even when I say nice things about awesome lefty open-minded scientific religious people.

    I get less of the sexist trolls than some women (except when I post about gender issues, of course, in which case I get it in spades) because I’ve got an avatar that doesn’t immediately advertise me as female, but I’ve clearly been identified as godless scum who needs to be edumacated. I delete and block a lot.

    You can tell it’s a day I got a theist troll if it’s a day with the word “day” in the name.

  39. Rajini Rao and Catherine Maguire: on friends not wanting to talk about big issues…I get that a lot too. I’m very excited that another area mom just started a Meetup called Not Brain Dead Moms of Austin. We’ve had one get together that was mostly introductions but also discussed an article on the health care mandate and another article on the dumbing-down of America. One other lady and I ended up having a long side conversation about Parenting Beyond Belief, Dale McGowan, and secular issues. AWESOME.

  40. Rajini Rao says:

    Was it a physical or virtual meet-up, Kimberly Chapman ?

  41. Blair Warner says:

    Rajini Rao Check it out. It’s a place for groups to organize online, RSVP, etc. Most groups are actually in person, though, not virtual.

  42. Chad Haney says:

    That’s spectacular Drew Sowersby. Now if only Google would let you post a picture of said T-shirt in the comment box.

  43. Rajini Rao Physical, but using as Blair Warner mentioned. Meetup lets you preset stuff you’re interested in so if someone starts a new group with those tags, you get notified. That’s how I found out…I’ve got a pile of interest tags.

  44. Chad Haney says:

    BTW, Kimberly Chapman I really enjoyed the conversation about the anti-anti-intellectualism bumper sticker. I can’t find the thread at the moment. I can’t remember what hash-tag we started.

  45. Rajini Rao says:

    Good to know, thanks Blair Warner and Kimberly Chapman . I’ll check it out.

  46. DaFreak says:

    It’s not a ghost town when it comes to content and interaction but I can see why they would call it that because it is a ghost town in the sense that there are lots of “ghosts” around… I managed to get all my friends to sign up for g+, more than 20 people, but now, 6 months later, only 1 of them is active and the rest haven’t been online since they signed up. 😦

  47. Chad Haney says:

    Catherine Maguire Topsy didn’t work but I’m not familiar with that. Thanks. I ended up using Google, not the search in G+ (Go figure). It’s annoying that I often have to resort to using “search ninja techniques” for G+, e.g., inurl:107896084561441926092. Anyway the hash-tag we started was #anti-anti-intellectualism in this thread.

  48. I frequently have trouble finding discussions based on content in comments. I post so much that some of the archiving sites don’t have the older stuff at all.

  49. Chad Haney says:

    The only time the “ inurl: post-profile-number” trick didn’t work was when I was dumb enough to search for a post that wasn’t public.

  50. Ah I didn’t know about putting the profile number into the google site search…thanks for that!

  51. Jean Lotz says:

    76 comments are a lotote than I have ever seen on any FB post even those riddled with “I hate timeline” complaints.

  52. Jean Lotz says:

    I hate trying to type via a cellphone. My previous post is a mess.

  53. Rajini Rao says:

    Jean Lotz , haha, I did think that lotote was a new word for a moment there 🙂 Feisal Kamil , I love that image..I considered it as a response to Prabat parmal ‘s question of whether the cat was dead or alive but went with the nerdier version!

  54. Rajini Rao says:

    Thanks, Feisal Kamil 🙂 It’s been a great start so far..bound to get better with my G+ friends.

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