An amazing photograph to go along with a simple but universal message.

An amazing photograph to go along with a simple but universal message. Congrats on getting to “What’s Hot”! Jahangir Alam 🙂

Originally shared by Jahangir Alam


If you have passion you can adjust with quality, because sometimes passion can stretch our abilities to its limits.

If you have less facilities it allows you to think more productive ideas to fulfill your passion.



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32 Responses to An amazing photograph to go along with a simple but universal message.

  1. no matter what are your resources. you still can make it

  2. ossama bm says:

    viva viva por todos


  3. Thank you Rajini Rao for great appreciation

  4. ossama bm says:

    hay hay foto no no

  5. If you really want something you can do it !! 🙂

    Superb message 🙂

  6. Ashok Sharma says:

    i also nice comment

  7. parallel dimension for dreams and possibilities, but real about persistence abilities and passion… nice capture, and timely too!

  8. +thank you Prabat parmal for appreciation

  9. passion dsnt know any thing……

  10. Why sorry Prabat parmal ?

  11. Awesome words thank you Thuan Pham-Budin

  12. But its good to have your own opinion Prabat parmal

  13. Oh my god. But still I feel happy they all have to atleast copy from me to do something new with it…

  14. But still thanks to you for this info Prabat parmal

  15. No worries my friend Prabat parmal

  16. 100 natural game

    eco friendly………! ! ! ! ! !

  17. Sangi Malk says:

    I can’t believe this…AWESOME!!!

  18. Tom Lee says:

    That must very hard to control the ball. But they seem to enjoy it!

  19. Rajini Rao says:

    I’m guessing that the surface is quite hard, baked by the sun!

  20. Tom Lee says:

    The surface is not smooth, but then they can develop special skills out of that.

  21. Hai Bison says:

    The fun is they are friends. When we are with our friends, we’re happy 🙂

    And, I’m sorry… But please view this: KONY 2012

  22. Satish Kaul says:

    it is really marvellous, u can say the real passion,,,,,,,,,,,,

    i love it

  23. Sweat, outdoor pool!

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