Art or Alcohol?

Art or Alcohol? Scientist Michael Davidson began taking photomicrographs of alcohol in the 1990’s to raise funds for his lab. He crystallized samples of beer, tequila, vodka and other liquors on a slide, then imaged them under polarized light to reveal these gorgeous colors. You can purchase them as prints for your wall from

Note: I’ve not been able to post science-y stuff all week as I am carousing (er, conferencing) with 5000+ biophysicists in sunny San Diego. This collection of photographs seems particularly appropriate 😉

H/T to Huff Post Arts for featuring this story:

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178 Responses to Art or Alcohol?

  1. These are some very beautiful photos. Maybe you will inspire some G+ers.

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    Apparently, he first marketed them as neckties and now they are licensed from Florida State University by another inventive scientist/entrepreneur 🙂

  3. Jaz Emminger says:

    Do I gotta be drunk to appreciate this?

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Alcohol can make anything more attractive, even images of alcohol 🙂 Jaz Emminger

  5. Jaz Emminger says:

    So that’s why I keep getting into trouble…

  6. josem mo says:

    Have a nice time on participating in the (party) conference.

  7. Rajini Rao says:

    jose montarig , it’s the 56th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society. It’s been great so far, but by now I’m overloaded with info and ready to go back to my lab 🙂

  8. josem mo says:

    Rajini Rao I see, 56 is definitely not a small number, good luck.

  9. Jason Ehle says:

    beautiful/amazing. If I drink enough alcohol I see similar imagery

  10. Most amazing alcohol I have ever seen.

  11. “Wow this is an amazing house. Oh, what is that painting”

    “A bottle of rum”

    “Oh dear, and that one?”

    “Tequila I think”

    An interesting icebreaker and looks amazing

  12. Carol Jaime says:

    The photographs are the most beautiful, vibrant and breath taking array of blending of color. A prism of sorts, yet so distinctly varied.

  13. They are beautiful, in a Hippie sort of way. Reminds me of their art works.

  14. sulivan knny says:


  15. Jim Philips says:

    Reminds me of the colors you get when gasoline spills on wet asphalt.

  16. That is art baby! The colors are exquisite.

  17. Martha E Fay says:

    The post goes very well with your excuse of carousing conferencing.

  18. Wow, got two friends who love the liquor too much, made them a bit ugly, good to see some beauty come out of it.

  19. awesome…that is exactly what resonates through me as I party the night away under the influence of Tequila, vodka and beer. It’s funny, but these colors all look like a few of the girls I took home once upon a time.))

  20. michael brown, I think the term for that is colorfornication.

  21. im only 11 but alcahol

  22. Tonia Evans says:

    absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Danning Yu says:

    Weird but beautiful.

  24. Flo Flo says:


  25. This pic look cool!!!!:)

  26. namani sahay says:

    How sweet yaar. realy amazing

  27. it’s funny but the photos sort of correspond to how that particular alcohol makes me feel lol…..pina colada and champagne are beautiful, the tequila is very abrupt

  28. Now this is beautiful……I would love to be able to share them on my site

  29. Art in any form is beautiful.this looks fabulous..

  30. Lori Kemper says:

    A dREAM wORLD OF cOLOR !! lIke : )

  31. THose pictures are beautiful

  32. Tony hay says:

    No wonder it felt good to be drunk. I said “felt”. Gave it up.

  33. looking gud but not amazing.

  34. Zac Buller says:

    Realy Nice Pics Who Took Them

  35. jim zhon says:

    perfect,It is artistic。。。。。

  36. J D Stout says:

    It looks like a peacock from the Avatar planet.

  37. ErWee Ka says:

    Better than jello shots!

  38. Mark Vent says:

    very intresting..good job Rajini

  39. absolutely love. Thank you for sharing this.

  40. claude white says:

    beatiful colors, great for computer home page. like much. claude.

  41. janice h says:

    i have a favor for art, and I would do anything to actually feel the texture… ❤

  42. ohh really whaaat art

    another use of ALCOHOL

  43. The work of a drunk man. Beautiful!

  44. what an art ??????? so beautiful

  45. very nice pic yar. 🙂

  46. harley owens says:

    i love those pics!!!!!

  47. superb very buitifulyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  48. These are absolutely beautiful,

  49. Mai Hoang says:

    That is very neat!!

  50. Haha, I own the scotch print! Love these

  51. Viswanadh Bk says:

    All pics are very beautiful

  52. very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Surbhi Mehra says:

    very lively n colorful pics

  54. Akash Patel says:

    Cool man ……….jakassss luv it………sky

  55. wow! superb mast hai kitni achi hai

  56. Jason Moody says:

    These are beautiful!

  57. Todd York says:

    Thank you for sharing. Go to the beach for me and spend the day with god.

  58. beautiful……………..

  59. Wonderful, beautiful, awesome……

  60. assad noor says:


  61. no wonder the stuff makes you feel gay.

  62. I think the photos are beautiful. wow

  63. Nice. I love art and a bit of alcohol as well. Lol

  64. SHBBIR KHAN says:

    Very beautiful, unrivelled

  65. Nathan Sann says:

    I am drunk, therefore I am.

  66. divya pulugu says:

    so niceeeeeeeee, i like it rajiiii

  67. supper mindblowing texturing its beautiful

  68. That explained why I was enjoying my drinks!

  69. iz it collctn or u urslf art dm

  70. hope u too dont know the nature.

  71. iz it collctn or u urslf art dm

  72. Wow that amazing .. so beautiful …

  73. oh my god that’s so prettyyyy! thanks for sharing gorgeous

  74. Cclassic art, its amezing.

  75. Rahul Joshi says:

    Very trippy photos, will look bomb in hallways.

    And good luck with your carousing, err… conferencing Rajini Rao. I’m sure you’ll have something to share on that soon! 😛

  76. Raj Vel says:

    butterfly color’s very nice

  77. kiran kumar says:

    so when folks drink, are they destroying art or appreciating it 😛

  78. Rajini Rao says:

    kiran kumar , they are consuming art 🙂

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