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  1. Nico Ward says:

    This is pretty cool Rajini. I enjoy your photos of life form very much. I always learn something new. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    Thanks so much for letting me know, Nico Ward .

  3. new collections of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Nati Hernandez , doesn’t it look like its wearing cool shades? 🙂

  5. Max Prytyka says:

    Elena Morozova I don’t think you’d be afraid of bugs if you could look them in the eyes! They look cute and harmless 🙂

  6. Is this Branded Eye Glass? Which Company?

  7. Hemant Jain says:

    Beautiful and colourful eyes.

  8. Paul Durham says:

    That is an awesome image! Talk about making entomology fun. 🙂

  9. RAJESH A says:

    i never seen photos like this yaar. its very cute

  10. THESE ARE REALLY COOL PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. if you have these so many eyes, how are you going to wear sungglasses??!

  12. Chris Koller says:

    The photo is amazing… But being on the receiving end of this fly’s bite almost daily during the summer is really trying to affect my opinion…

  13. It looks like it has teeth and a beard! 😀

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