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  1. irish d says:

    i just re-watched North and South for maybe the 5th time last night!

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    Haha, irish d , we have the same taste for eye candy, in that case! 🙂 Recommended series for all discerning ladies of G+!

  3. Laura Gibbs says:

    SO SAD to see him go off that building at the end of MI-5 season 9…. I read somewhere that since so many characters get killed off on that show that when a new character started, they got to request what kind of death they wanted, but Armitage just told the scriptwriters to surprise him. I don’t know if that’s true or just a rumor, but I like it anyway.

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Actually, never watched that series Laura Gibbs ..do you recommend it?

  5. Laura Gibbs says:

    Oh, yes, I watch very few TV series, but that is a series I like very much. It is streaming from Netflix now – I originally had bought it at iTunes before it was all available at Netflix (I don’t watch broadcast TV at all). The first 9 seasons are available; the 10th (final) season just ended and I haven’t seen it yet! I want to say Armitage was on the show for three seasons…?

  6. He was awesome in Robin Hood.

  7. irish d says:

    Laura Gibbs unless he’s an orc? 😛

  8. Laura Gibbs says:

    Not at all: he has an awesome character, Thorin Oakenshield. Although he’s kind of tall for a dwarf, ha ha.


  9. Rajini Rao says:

    Laura Gibbs , thanks for the video clip! He reminds me of Gerard Butler before he took on the oafish roles (Butler, I mean). And a bit of Hugh Jackman thrown in for good measure. Where is Maria Luisa A , she is my sister in fan girling on G+ 🙂 Which Robin Hood was he in, Shah Auckburaully ?

  10. He played Guy of Gisborne in the BBC TV series, Robin Hood. His character was in love with Lady Marianne.

    Guy of Gisborne / Marian Oh my God (Robin Hood BBC)

  11. Rajini Rao says:

    Oh. My. God. is right, Shah Auckburaully , I’m going to have to take a cold shower now, thanks to you 😉 Never heard of this BBC version, it’s going on my rental queue.

  12. irish d says:

    Laura Gibbs he should be a fair elf! i can’t recognize him in the dwarf costume. agree he’s too tall for a dwarf. must be a mix.

  13. He’s the lead hobbit!!

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