A House is a House for Me.

A House is a House for Me. Aerial photographs of houses, by Jason Hawkes, reminded me of the charming book-length poem by Mary Ann Hoberman that I used to read aloud for my kids many years ago:

A hill is a house for an ant, an ant.

A hive is a house for a bee.

A hole is a house for a mole or a mouse

And a house is a house for me!

The poem becomes whimsical:

A box is a house for a teabag.

A teapot’s a house for some tea.

If you pour me a cup and I drink it all up,

Then the teahouse will turn into me!

The author admits:

Perhaps I have started farfetching…

Perhaps I am stretching things some…

A mirror’s a house for reflections…

A throat is a house for a hum…

Can’t disagree with her conclusion, though:

A flower’s at home in a garden

A donkey’s at home in a stall

Each creature that’s known has a house of it’s own

And the earth is a house for us all!

To my G+ friends with little kids, enjoy!

Stunning aerial photographs of nature and humanity at: http://www.jasonhawkes.com/#/Hero%20Portfolio/Hero%20/1/

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9 Responses to A House is a House for Me.

  1. Loved the poem! Thank you!

  2. Very nice and appropriate for all…

  3. And nowadays, sadly, we have the repressed parental rage hinted at by the bestseller status of Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortés’ Go the F**k to Sleep… So much for Beatrix Potter, then 😉

  4. Rajini Rao says:

    Marc Ponomareff , but that book made me laugh so much, my son never once slept the night through, and softies that we were, we always went to him 🙂

  5. Great post… Have a good day 🙂

  6. Hah, to feel insignificant we don’t need to look at stars any more, a look at these apartments should be enough!

  7. asim ramzan says:

    realy its amzing yaar nice

  8. The photography on that link is great.

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