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4 Responses to 2012-01-13

  1. Rajini Rao says:

    Linas Vepstas , possibly separate trajectories that cross? Or artistic license? 😉

  2. Chris Powell says:

    Brilliant image. I don’t know about the specific instance, but I’ve seen some amazing things gazing up into the sky. The one I’ll always remember is the night I spent my first evening in the pool at our new home in Georgia. Having a history in Southern California, it wasn’t a far stretch to ponder the possibilities there were some secret test labs near-by while watching nearly silent “aircraft” do amazing things before my eyes… then… I realized I was having an experience of 1st encounters – with fireflies. I can only say the amazement and fascination in the moment was every bit as awe inspiring as all those dreams/imaginings of a peaceful CE3rd.

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