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  1. Rajini Rao says:

    Jorge Solis , not so much Na+ ions, but H+ ..they run down their electrochemical gradient through another amazing enzyme called ATP synthase. Each H+ going through this enzyme causes a fractional rotary turn. Eventually, the movement of the rotor generates the energy to make ATP. Actually, ATP is already made at the active site, the rotor needs to turn a stalk which then distorts the site enough to kick off the ATP. In this way, the electrochemical energy of an ion gradient is converted into the chemical energy of ATP. This is the chemiosmotic hypothesis which was extremely controversial in the 60’s because of how crazy it seemed..but it eventually won Peter Mitchell a Nobel prize.

    Here is an animation: ATP Synthase

  2. Of course, ALWAYS interested in color, visionn, and light, but want to ask you a question on Mutation processes.

    Saw show NOVA special on Darwin. They explained DNA< Hoggs DNA and the CGCGCG strand. Ques: Something Violent has to occur, can't SIMPLY be biochemical (LOL, SIMPLY, LOL) Theory MINE: a Physical particle has to "hit" a partticular for a"charge" change on a C or G to START the mutation process. Am I CRAZY…..er than usual?? Stem cells!! Can Cancer or other Mutant cell diseases be caused by RANDOM selection in Ova or sperm??

  3. If we can intercept TIMING at Hoggs, we can CURE Cancer, YES????

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