Oh, wow! This is a must-watch!

Oh, wow! This is a must-watch!

(Embedding disabled, click to watch on YouTube).

Originally shared by Simon Garnier

This is just one beautiful video! Gigantic sardina party with dolphins, gannets and whales!

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3 Responses to Oh, wow! This is a must-watch!

  1. Gregory Esau says:

    Wow!! That was something else!!

  2. Anonymole says:

    You just know there’s got to be a support group for dolphins who got nailed in the top of the head by a diving dart like sea bird. And another for for the survivors of birds that got swallowed by whales. They call that one the Jonah Support Group.

  3. Rajini Rao says:

    Anony Mole , I was rather traumatized by this too..find me a support group for fascinated but repelled vegetarians who had to watch 😉

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