West coast-East coast rivalry over today’s quake:

West coast-East coast rivalry over today’s quake:


As if New Yorkers aren’t arrogant enough; now they’ve “survived an earthquake.” So what?! We had a bigger disaster – the Kardashian wedding.

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7 Responses to West coast-East coast rivalry over today’s quake:

  1. Todd Settimo says:

    It’s like when Atlantans are paralyzed over an inch of snow and their complaints make Buffalonians groan.

    I know ’cause I was once a Buffalonian. 😉

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    I was your one-time neighbor in upstate NY (Rochester) and I groan when Maryland schools shut down at the sign of the first snow flake.

  3. Todd Settimo says:

    Ah, so you know.

    I also lived near Syracuse, in the little town of Skaneateles, NY. I swear we had more snow there than we had in Buffalo.

  4. Martha E Fay says:

    I’m from Boston, MA, which definitely does not get as much snow as Buffalo, but we get some amazing Nor’easters; and I went to college in Washington DC. What a joke when a dusting brought everything to a halt!

    But I must say, since that time, that area is getting one hell of a lot more snow than when I went to college. I’m pretty sure they don’t shut down for dustings anymore!

  5. Todd Settimo says:

    It’s funny you mention DC getting more snow than they used to. Buffalo gets less than when I lived there. Buffalo used to be legendary for its accumulation. My friend who still lives there was telling me last winter that it’s just not like that anymore.

    Of course, a week after he told me that they got hammered with lake effect snow. Hah!

  6. Martha E Fay says:

    The effects of global warming are weird. We (Boston) don’t get as much snow either.

    As an aside, we here in New England, especially near the coast, have to a large extent (well, perhaps I am speaking for myself) pooh-poohed Buffalo’s snow. Lake effect? Pah! Let them try a Nor’easter for once!

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