G+ brings out the polite…

G+ brings out the polite…

Originally shared by Christina Trapolino

Google Voice Experiment Update

experiment details: goo.gl/GhglF

Here is my weirdest text message exchange, to date (I’m removing numbers and irrelevant bits):


+(removed) – Oak Ridge, TN

8/16/11 11:43 AM 34 hours ago

+(removed): I want to be your first blocked caller. Make it happen. 12:44 PM

Me: Why should I block you?! ­čśŽ 4:58 PM

+(removed): Why not block me? If you post that I (removed) got blacklisted, it will be a G+ publicity boon. 5:35 PM

Me: Don’t you think that’s pretty disingenuous? 9:22 AM

+(removed): My disingenuous is often more entertaining than my real self; I live a sad life. By the way, I appreciate your Circle Sundays. It’s not easy finding people. 11:42 AM


I think it’s hilarious (and awesome) how this guy goes from weird almost-troll to nice, civil Plusser.

+1 to you, you weird guy. Who asks to be blocked politely? I really laughed out loud.

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