Funny and scary. All those disappointed with Pres. Obama, please read.

Funny and scary. All those disappointed with Pres. Obama, please read.

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14 Responses to Funny and scary. All those disappointed with Pres. Obama, please read.

  1. There must be a silver lining in there some where. But Obama on the campaign trail has the touch of a show man too and it will be quite exciting to see the two showmen collide.

  2. Sean Cooper says:

    If Perry is heading to the White House, then I’m heading to Canada.

  3. Hey Sean Cooper , I know a whole bunch of folks who headed north when W won the second time. One thing is for sure if Perry wins, it will probably be the end of federally funded stem cell research.

  4. Sean Cooper says:

    Suhail Manzoor I imagine it will be the end of a lot of things.

  5. Anand Shukla says:

    When the author quotes a follower of Rick Perry thus, he loses all credibility as a commentator:

    “We think a them Mormons as bein’ in kind of a cult,” one of the Houston rally attendees told me. “I couldn’t vote for one a them when we got a real Christian like Governor Perry runnin’.”

    The quote, with “bein'”, “think a them” etc is so naked in its hope to portray this bunch as illiterate hillbillies, the rest of the article now looks like blind propaganda for one guy (Obama) vs other. I wish CNN had better writers.

  6. Todd Settimo says:

    After LBJ and W, I would think there would be a constitutional ban on anyone from Texas ever running for president again…

  7. Sean Cooper says:

    LBJ did champion the Great Society, and got the civil rights act passed. If he hadn’t messed with Vietnam he might be remembered as one of the great presidents of the 20th century. But I agree with your point, after W we can do with a break from Texas.

  8. Rajini Rao says:

    Anand Shukla , the author does make it clear where his bias lies. But you raise a good point..I wonder what journalistic ethics are about using regional slang? Anybody know the answer?

  9. Rajini Rao says:

    There is a lot of progressive angst about Obama falling short on his promises. Some even have gone so far as to promise to sit out the upcoming election. As a pragmatist, I hope they reconsider.

  10. Todd Settimo says:

    Yup, Great Society and Civil Rights, crowning achievements both. If only they were enough to atone for fifty-some-thousand dead on the back of Domino Theory lies.

    I’m one of those lifetime Dems (first voted for Carter against Ronnie Raygun) who voted for Hillary in the primary and fell hard for Obama for the general in ’08. I contributed heavily to his campaign and argued his cause to all in my sphere.

    This time, I’m one of those thinking of sitting it out. Oh, the pragmatist in me in the end will probably get me to the polls, but no amount of desperate sweet talking on the part of the Obama campaign will wrest one thin dime from my wallet this time around. Let all his buddies on Wall St. pony up. They owe him one.

  11. My reading of the tea leaves is telling me that the progressives are going to be voting for some one else, maybe the greens or something. I think there is a good probability that a third candidate is going to bifurcate the dem’s appeal.

  12. Rajini Rao says:

    But, who? There’s no one on the radar. Ralph Nader again?

    There is a possibility, if Romney wins the nomination, that the Tea Party may push their own candidate.

  13. Sean Cooper says:

    Howard Dean, Russ Feingold, Alan Grayson, and Al Gore. There are some names out there, but I don’t think any of the good one will cross Obama.

  14. Todd Settimo says:

    I like Bernie Sanders; a socialist who is intelligent enough not to be afraid of the word.

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