Very cool.

Very cool. Free chapters from textbooks for iPad. Individual chapters or entire books for purchase. Must try eye candy.

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3 Responses to Very cool.

  1. I am sure it will happen with textbooks too. I have most of my technical books on kindle now. I miss being able to flip quickly through a book though. Having said that, some of the magazines on the ipad are getting pretty good with that too.

  2. Rajini Rao says:

    I miss flipping through the pages of a book too! The iPad most closely approximates this, whereas it is almost impossible to flip through a kindle. But I love the indestructible/sturdy quality of the kindle…I can hold it wherever I want. Sigh, guess we’ve got to have them all!

  3. Thats where I ended up Ranjini. In the end, I just settled for my kindle app on my phone. Its quite handy for my london commute.

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